Project e-DigiSkills

Greeting words of the organizer

Focus on ICT for students based on Web 2.0 apps

Students want to be engaged in digital teaching.
Have a look at this following video!

Etwinning is the main action of the European Union's elearning programme.
It promotes the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at schools in Europe. Teachers and students use the Internet to work together across borders. They cooperate, exchange information and share learning materials.
Schools from 6 countries (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania and Portugal) are willing to enhance the knowledge of their students.
All students involved will be enabled to work with new devices like
e-journals, e.g.Schooljournals Online or MagazineFactory
wikis, e.g. Wetpaint
weblogs, e.g. Blogger
podcasts, e.g. Podomatic
or webquests.
Students across Europe are working with their teacher on Web 2.0 technology.
Daniel Craig created a pretty good video about this new possibilities:

All schools involved are partners in a Comenius school development project called Developing Digital Skills @ School, whose aim is to develop the computer skills of teachers.

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